Dennis Day: Dennis started General Well Servicing back in 1997.  His dad Tony built the first free standing double - double rig in Saskatchewan to work on his oil wells.  After working on his own wells, he started to branch out and grow the company to handle additional work in the south east of Saskatchewan and south western Manitoba.

Kevin McCannell: He has worked with General Well since 1999.  Starting at the same time that General Well Servicing started.  He is a field supervisor and pushes when needed.

Louis Chicoine: He is the  safety supervisor for General Well Servicing.  He has worked for us for over 7 years.

Curtis Schnell:  He is the tool push for General Rig 1.  He has years of experience and is always willing to do a job no matter how hard.

Chris St.Louis: He is the driller on General Well Rig 1 and he is also know to relief push from time to time.

Eric Ohnander: He is the tool push for General Rig 2.  He is soft spoken but commands the respect from his crew.

Darcy Skayman: He has worked for us ever since he finished his schooling and has become an experienced driller and relief push for us.

Darren Elliott: He is the tool push for General Rig 3.  He gets along well with anybody.

Byron Jameson:  He just started pushing General Rig 4.  He used to work with Darren on Rig 3.